Night seduction (our student)

This is one of many successful approaches of our student. We shot this movie in the beginning of training, shortly after we have presented just a part of our material and ways to pick up a girl at night. As you see, even a bit of our techniques can give excellent result.

This particular approach presents whole possible scenario of signle pick up:
He came to her, started speaking and isolated her to some secluded place. During conversation he built a lot of interest, attraction and made ??her laugh. After that he took her on a dancefloor and used techniques of warming her up that we have taught him.
When he recognized that she is enough excited – he isolated her from the dancefloor. It was a stage that their interaction could end in any way, such as taking her home. However, the night was young, so he took her phone number, arranged a date and we continued to have fun and pick up girls.

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