Daygame pickup (our student)

Another infield approach of our student.
He was totally beginner and had zero experience. All his life he approached only two woman on the street during day. He had a fear of approaching, a lot of blockades and had no idea how to talk to women and make her interested in him. We explained him the basis of seduction and street pick up on first day of training. We gave him some of our unique and special exercises (for approach anxiety, getting comfortable with women and having fun) and than we showed him in real how to pick up girls on the street.

In this way he knew how to approach and get rid of the fear, how to talk and attract a woman. We went out for daygame and recorded his approaches. Whole video that you can see above was recorded 24hours after the start of training.

This is not the end of their interaction, because he managed to do more than he planned. He took her for a date and arranged to see her evening. We gave him instructions what to do step by step… and it worked perfectly! They took a bottle of wine and went to the beach, where … :)

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