Complete Transformation – Trailer

Complete Transformation is one of the bootcamps, we used to do. Our goal was to make from four total beginners – great seducers who can handle in every possible situation with woman.

For this purpose, we recorded their approaches in first and last day of training, to have evidence for their metamorphosis. You can those approaches in above video.

Pay attention to way the women behaved. They didn’t even want to talk with them, so all of the approaches lasted a few seconds. They didn’t meet with a single positive response.

With our innovative techniques and live demonstrations of picking up girls, they changed out of all recognition. Without any problem they were approaching women and starting conversation. They knew how to make them attracted, laugh and grab a phone number to meet later.
They even were taking them for fast dates immediately after approach.

We also taught them all about picking up girls in clubs, so their interactions ended with… See the movie to find out how far they managed to get…

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