infield videos

  • Complete Transformation – Trailer

    Complete Transformation is one of the bootcamps, we used to do. Our goal was to make from four total beginners – great seducers who can handle in every possible situation with woman. For this purpose, we recorded their approaches in first and last day of training, to have evidence for their metamorphosis. You can those […]

  • Adam’s metamorphosis

    Before Adam came to us, he took part in two other prestigious pickup bootcamps. After out training he developed more, than ever before. Look at the way he behaves, moves or talks with women. He is totally natural, doesn’t feel any fear and has lots of fun. We taught him how to pick up girls […]

  • Night seduction (our student)

    This is one of many successful approaches of our student. We shot this movie in the beginning of training, shortly after we have presented just a part of our material and ways to pick up a girl at night. As you see, even a bit of our techniques can give excellent result. This particular approach […]

  • Daygame pickup (our student)

    Another infield approach of our student. He was totally beginner and had zero experience. All his life he approached only two woman on the street during day. He had a fear of approaching, a lot of blockades and had no idea how to talk to women and make her interested in him. We explained him […]

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