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Personal training will give you much more than a regular dating course

Personal training is a three-day practical program based on infield training. It is run by the best Polish coaching team, whose students achieve constant and regular successes (click here to see student’s infield movies with approaches).

What makes us different and why it’s so special?

Out of this world coach:student ratio = 2:1 (Yes, you understood it correctly – 2 dating coaches will keep an eye on your development!)

The highest efficiency. You will be the only student! This is the most exclusive form of training, because coaches will be focused only on you.

Residential training! Both coaches will be available 24h/day for you. You live with them in a luxury apartment in the city center, where you’ll have an opportunity to come back with a girl at any moment.

Dran and O’rety are known among Polish dating coaches for they constantly pick up girls during bootcamps.These demonstrations are priceless! Any lecture, seminar or article will not replace the opportunity to see how best seducers are picking up girls in real.

You won’t learn just daygame or nightgame. At the same time you will learn how to seduce women both during the day and night! Each of the trainers is an expert in his field. Dran – a natural daygame seduction expert and O’rety – best known practitioner of night and dancefloor pick up in Poland (Click here and read more about them).

Personal training is entirely practical. This means that you won’t be sitting in the room and listening to lectures. You’ll be non-stop in the field!

Your approaches will be recorded on professional spy equipment and later discussed with us step by step at our apartment.

The program will last as much as 3 days! Not two or one, as usual. Imagine 3 days, 24 hours non-stop with two best coaches in their fields!

Huge value of training: 95% of people after finishing personal training consider it to be one of the best investments in their entire life and are ready to pay for it up to 10 times more.


What will you learn?

Everything about approaching: How to do that? How not to be scared? How do I seize every opportunity?
Everything about talking to women: How to talk? What topics? How to make her continue a discussion? How to attract her?
Everything about getting phone number: How to successfully get her phone number? How to make her propose another meeting? How to ask her out?
Everything about dates: How to start a date? How to behave? How to properly finish it?
Everything about pick up in clubs: How to approach outside dancefloor? How to take a women out of a club? How to get her straight home?
Everything about dancefloor seduction: What to do if you don’t know how to dance? How does the dancefloor seduction look like? How to  make her attracted and not bored? How to warm her up and take her to some private place?
Everything about daygame pick up: How to stop the women? What to tell her? How to take her to fast date? How to successfully complete daygame pick up?
Everything about groups of girls: How to behave between her friends? How to beheave in front of her friends? Jak zachowywać się przy koleżankach? How to get rid of them and be one-to-one with her?
Everything about body language: How to move? How to speak with right intention? What gestures will make you look like real alpha male in her eyes?
Everything about being relaxed: How to totally feel at ease during a conversation with a woman? Step by step – how to get rid of stress when it unexpectedly attacks you.
Everything about dealing with mixed couples: How to seduce a woman who is already with another man? How to learn guessing what is between them? How to handle this situation and succeed?
Everything about dealing with the pressure and stress: What to do when everyone else looks? How to pick up in public places? How to stop caring about what others think?
Everything about domination: Everyone talks about domination, but are you 100% sure what it is? We will tell you a secret – the principle of real men, so women feel that she has to do with the dominant guy.
Everything about relationships: How to make a woman crazy about you? How to keep her with you? How to build a long relationship?
Everything about dealing with failures: How to reduce them to minimum? What to do to be successful in a short time?
Everything about being a sexy and attractive guy: What value should be offered to women? How to avoid ‚let’s be friends’ ? How to be different than others?
Everything about dealing with resistance:I’m not that easy!„, „I respect myself„, „It’s happening too fast!„, „We won’t go to bed together, because I don’t know you„- For sure you have heard it many times, if not.. for sure you will hear it not once. It is so sure as death and taxes :) You will learn our methods how to overcome resistance and get with women to bed!
*Sex with a woman shortly after knowing her – It’s definitely one of the hardest things in seduction. O’rety and Dran are experts in this field. Indeed, they are ones of few dating coaches in this country that regularly lead to sex with a woman after a short moment of knowing her. Especially for the project participants they will share the knowledge, how to achieve this goal.

And much, much more!

For whom is that project?

1. For those who are newbies and just getting started. If you are at the beginning of your way, you will get your dream start. Powerful knowledge, a lot of practice and best coaches will allow you to find yourself in a place which many experienced seducers are dreaming about. Even if you’re shy, ashamed of women and you don’t know how to behave in their company – we will open your eyes very quickly and change your entire point of view on male-female relations. You will metamorphose and save many years of making mistakes.

Personal training program has been designed in a way so that even complete beginners will achieve success very fast. They will go out and start meeting and seducing women without  wasting time which usually devoted to acquiring theoretical knowledge.

2. For those who want to throw all patterns, routines and other crap into the trash. If you don’t like memorizing texts and if an unnatural behavior irritates you – O’rety and Dran will demonstrate how simple and effective can be picking up girls, without any add-ons. Just you.

3. For those who are paralyzed by fear of approaching a girl: If you constantly decide not to approach because of fear, you will be done with it once and for all. With our innovative method you will learn how to enjoy seduction so much so that you will overcome your fear forever.

4. For those who have mass of worthless theory in head and lack of practice. If you have read all possible materials available on the internet, bought mass of products, e-books and your practice still doesn’t exist – personal training is an ideal solution for you! We guarantee that you will catch it all up and collect a huge amount of experience, because nowhere else there is so much practice than in our Personal training.

5. For those who have experience with women: If you are interested in seduction and pick up for a long time and you think that you know everything and nothing can surprise you – then we have a surprise for you. When you will go for pick up with Dran and O’rety and see them in action, you will experience something that you have never seen. Your point of view on how seduction can look like will evolve.

If you are already successful with women, but you still want to develop and jump to the next level, this project is right for you.

6. For those, who want to increase their effectiveness: If you came to a certain point that cannot be crossed – Personal training is the best solution for you. We will resolve all your doubts and increase your effectiveness.

7. For those who want to learn stuff that really works: If you’re tired of learning things that do not work and you understood that foreign schemes fail Polish reality – it’s time to do something about it. During the project, you’ll learn only the things that have been previously tested on dozens of Polish women and they bring great success.

You will have the rare opportunity to see not only the coaches, but also the great seducers, who will demonstrate everything what they will explain you.

Listen to few participants of our courses


What are the advantages of the course participation?

Huge amount of knowledge: You will have two dating coaches for 3 days just for you! Common breakfasts, dinners and possibility of picking up women whenever you will desire it. All the time you will be accompanied by pick up experts who will help you at any time, you need it.

Complete metamorphosis: You will experience the transformation which was never before possible at any time and place. You will become a new and better version of yourself. This is an opportunity to stand out and become different from rest of the guys around you. You’ll end up with spending evenings alone and watching beautiful women walking by the hands of other men. After the training, you will start a new and better life!

Different styles of seduction: Personal training is not just one coach, but  two best Polish dating coaches at one place and time. You will gain the knowledge of two different and devilishly effective styles, which together form a dangerous and explosive mixture.

Demonstrations and support: You will get a comprehensive answer for every question you ask. Moreover, thanks to live demonstrations of pick up, you will see how should the real interaction with a woman look like!

Thorough analysis of your approach and behavior: We own professional equipment for a discreet recording in all conditions worth several thousand zlotys, so we can secretly record your interactions. Then we calmly discuss them in apartment and, step by step, analyze your approach showing you which elements still needs improvement. This is an innovative and highly effective way of learning by which you can watch yourself while interacting with women.

Weekend in Paradise: Personal training is a weekend full of beautiful women, modern clubs, magical moments and unforgettable experiences for a lifetime! You will meet a huge number of women, all with support of the best people in the field.

Exceeding the limits: We will help you to overcome all existing barriers which prevented you from a complete success with women. With us you will get much further than ever before.

Comfort: You will stay in a great location situated in the city center and in luxury apartment for your disposal 24 hours a day.

Great atmosphere: You will have an impression that you went for a  crazy weekend with two good friends. It will be definately the best weekend of your life!

Exclusive conditions under which you will live


Consider the value of the training that will change your entire life. How much are you able to give for a knowledge and skills that will allow you to wake up with a new girl every few days?
You get a unique opportunity to acquire practical skills from those who have seduced women in all possible conditions and gained such a huge experience so that they are able to teach every guy how to seduce.

This is a unique opportunity to live through something amazing, learn powerful things and experience the huge transformation that will change your whole life. The biggest advantage of our project is that we will primarily focus on you and practice. It is a weekend of intensive practice with best dating coaches!

We have been trusted for over xxx people and 95% of them consider it to be one of the best investments in their entire life and would be willing to pay for it up to 10 times more.

Details and Reservation

DATE: Please contact with us to set a date of training

LOCATION: Please contact with us to set the city in Poland or country abroad

PRICE: We organize bootcamps and personal trainings. Contact us for more details.

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