Kamil O’rety is the most known practical practitioner of night and club game in Poland. Instead of hours of explanations how to approach, arouse, turn on or kiss a girl – he catches hand of the closest standing one and demonstrates it in real.

He lived several years abroad, which enabled him to test his methods on women from more than 20 different nationalities. He is known from his crazy and unbelievable stories, which became the inspiration for many guys.

His trainings and bootcamps are very specific and unique, because as one of very few he focuses primarily on practice. Many times he showed live how to lead to sex with stranger woman during day or night, so that his students can see with their own eyes how the whole process looks like, and then model and recreate it.

Absolute expert of night game, who can teach step by step club pick up even the most novice person. He is the author of whole club pick up system and precursor of this style and trend in Poland. Besides hundreds of students for few years, many other seduction coaches were learning from him. This makes him authority in the field.

See movie below. It was made few years ago when no one taught nor practiced dancefloor seduction:

Seduction is his greatest passion and the love of his life. From many years he enjoys helping other men. His dream is to teach as much of them, so they can build happy relationships with women they will choose.


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