[2018] How to pick up Polish girl in 8 simple steps? (+ photos)

How to approach, talk, touch, and take number from Polish girl on a street? 

Today, an article for guys who like ready-made schemes and tips on how to do something step by step. 

What is more. That article is a case study of a pick up, that really happened.

Topic: How to pick up Polish girl on the street

An old-world scenario: you are in any Polish public place and notice polish girl who attracts your attention. You would like to get to know her. 

How to seduce polish girl in 8 simple steps?

1. Setting 

Few guys realize that your attitude is the most important in the raise. If it is inappropriate, the chances of success often fall to zero. I often use the comparison that the wrong setting is like a shot in the knees. You haven’t come up to the girl yet and you’ve already lost. 

Attitude is more important than your clothes, look and text. You can look great and have good lines, but with the wrong attitude you will unknowingly sabotage yourself.

Wrong attitude: I am going to seduce her

Why? You put pressure on yourself (because you want to seduce her) = you start to be stressed (because you don’t know if it will work). 

Right attitude: I’m going to talk and see what’s going to come out of it

Why? You do not adjust to any effect = you accept everything that happens. You have no intention of picking up anyone and your chances of it actually happening increase.


2. Starting a conversation

how to approach polish girl

Why is this point so important? Because it’s the only way to get to know it and see in what percentage you fit together. Until you approach, all that appears in your head about eggs is FA£SZ. I love the phrase: mental masturbation. What you think about it before the approach has absolutely nothing to do with it. These are just your own thoughts. 

Okay, then how to talk to a girl on the street?

Wrong strategy: Looking for creative text to make her fun. 

Why? Because probably none of them will come to your mind and you won’t ask again > moreover, you put pressure on yourself again, because you want to be creative and funny in her eyes. 

Right strategy: Look for the BEST solution (e. g. ask her about wipes) 

Why? Because the most important thing is to start talking about anything. The rest does not matter.


3. Discharge of atmosphere and voltage

how to pick up polish girl

The inseparable effect of the approach to a foreign woman is STRESS. What’s more, he’s felt by both the guy who came up and the woman. For her this is also a new situation, because it doesn’t happen often in her life that a stranger comes up to her and starts a conversation. She also starts to get stressed (sometimes more than a guy). 

What to do in such a situation?

Wrong strategy: Serious conversation 

Why? Being serious in such a stressful situation adds oil to the fire. What’s more, being serious usually makes this stress even more, which results in her withdrawal (I’m in a hurry, I don’t have time, I have a boyfriend). 

Right strategy: Turning the situation into a joke 

Why? Because nothing relieves tension as much as jokes and humour. Instead of increasing the distance between you (as in the case of a more serious conversation) you shorten it. The less you are divided, the better. 


4. Conversation

how to seduce polish women

Conversation is one of the key. Without it, it is difficult to build any connection between you during the day (at night you can replace this element with dance). You need a connection, otherwise there will be no bond between you. And without a bond nothing more will happen.

Wrong strategy: Ask for your phone number as soon as it starts (Hi, will you give me your number?) 

Why? Because there is nothing that unites you, there are no bonds or common elements between you. The vast majority of such requests end in nothing. 

Right strategy: Finding common themes 

Why? Because we join in pairs on the basis of similarities (and not opposites as is commonly believed). So the more you have in common with your girlfriend, the more topics you have in common, the better. 

Common themes are otherwise a common context, which can be anything: food, festivities (as in the pictures), clothing, behaviour, music, etc. , which can be a common context. 

How to implement it? During the conversation, juggle the topics. Change them every now and then check in which one will connect you the most. 


5. Length of the call

how to seduce polish girl

Talking time plays an important role. 

Wrong strategy: Quick ‚close’ (taking the phone number) 

Why? Because the shorter you talk to her, the less you know each other > The less you know each other, the less you are connected > The less you are connected, the less chance to continue to meet each other. Even if you take the phone number, the chances that you will meet and something of it are negligible. 

Right strategy: Spending as much time together as possible 

Why? Because the more time you spend together, the greater the chance that you will be able to exchange contacts. It’s easier to get the number from the girl you’ve been talking to for 15 minutes (because you’ve found so many common topics) than when you’ve been talking for 30 seconds and you know practically nothing about yourself. 


6. Directness

how to date polish girl

Often confused with the so-called direct opening (e. g. a compliment at the beginning of a conversation). 

Wrong strategy: Dimming and cotton wrapping 

Why: Because it doesn’t give you anything but a false sense of security. You won’t risk losing > but you won’t win either. What is dimming? Pretending that you didn’t come up to get to know her or pick her up. 

Right strategy: Showing your intentions 

Why: Huge time and energy savings. You can quickly check if a given girl meets your requirements and suits you. 


7. Exchange of contacts

how to date polish woman

Having a contact to her, you can move the further call to text messages, phone. In addition, you can contact her and make an appointment. 

Wrong strategy: The goal in itself 

Why: Because it generates stress and tension. When the goal is not achieved, there will be frustration. Because it is a mere clitoring of the ego. You stand still and don’t grow. 

Right strategy: Treating the phone number as a form of contact 

Why: Because you don’t attach to it, and thus you get it more easily. When a girl realizes that you care more about her number than about getting to know her, she won’t give it to you. When he sees that you want to know it, and the number is only a formality and a form of contact between you, he will feel relieved. 

8. Empathy

how to meet polish girl

The way a guy finishes is crucial. This may or may not determine whether you will ever meet again. If you leave her in a bad mood, it will be her last memory of you and she won’t want to see you again. 

Wrong strategy: Departure immediately after taking a number 

Why: Because he can think that this is the only thing you care about. 

Right strategy: Leaving it with positive emotions 

Why? Because everything that you let out into the world will come back to you. When you take the number, you talk to her for a while more. You part with smiles on your faces, and preferably in the form as shown in the photo. Hugging up to the girl significantly deepens your acquaintance. At the body level, hormones are emitted to improve mood and ‚help’ in enchantment. 

And now go and test it in practice!

Now your turn. Please If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment below. 

PS. All the photos come from the course of seduction which I conducted recently in Krakow. If you also want to learn step-by-step what the above student knows, let me know.

Now It’s Your Turn

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Did you try to approach any Polish girls? How it was? What happened?
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