large11 Drań is a very controversial person and one of the greatest experts of seduction during the day. Over many years of practice and accumulation of a huge amount of experience with women he reached the place where his style has become synonymous with ezquisite ease of manner, straightforwardness and naturalness.

Until recently he did not want to become famous and stayed away from it but it has become more difficult over time. Wherever he appeared he remained noticed. People have witnessed his interactions over and over. Many guys accosted him in the clubs and on the street, while others wrote him e-mails, wanting to learn something more from him.

In this way, the knowledge and the ease of seducing attractive women have been recognized by many people. These are their suggestions that made him start conducting coaching sessions in 2010, in which he teaches techniques of seduction based on solid foundations where what counts is the true man’s character, respect, and a certain quality that he considers the greatest attraction for women.

He is one of the few coaches of seduction who allows training participants in addition to unique knowledge to have the opportunity to see real interaction with the top woman so that they can capture the most important details of the process of seduction and learn on a completely different level.

During his coaching sessions he helps guys (both those who have never kissed a woman and experienced seducers who are regularly successful) to become the best in their work so that shortly after the training they begin to have a greater selection of women than ever.



“One of the actions that I remember best was when Drań picked up one girl on the beach when we walked in front of them. Suddenly they jumped out of their beach chairs into the front of us and started going towards the showers and… he walked up to her, grabbed her hips dominantly, turned her around… I thought she would slap him in his face but her reaction was very surprising… The girl smiled, strarted the conversation, her friend joined them. I was shocked. Another action at night. I just walked behind him and suddenly I found him standing next to a very attractive girl. I just could stand and watch. The dance was amazing, with incredible energy, very sexual. A few minutes and the girl drowned in pleasure. Later, they came to the bar… came out of the club… they went toward the dunes… the beaches… and you know what happened there… They came back smiling and happy.” – Łukasz

“I saw from the beginning as Drań was dancing with a girl on the dance floor and quite quickly he took her on the coach and started licking. I was totally schocked. Later, while I was standing in the queue to the toilet, they boldly went before me without previous standing in the queue and I had to act as bodyguard. Well, that’s ok. They had sex in this toilet and I had to tell everybody that it’s occupied” – Przemek

“Drań picked up a very attractive chick while we were shopping. When he saw her he immediately handed me a plastic bag and went to her without thinking. After a while she gave him her telephone number.” – Bartek

“We go out to the city centre for the first time, a minute passes, Drań noticed that they are making a movie here, he was immediately picking up the main actress, who was holding the arm of some guy, and set up in such a way so that it was his arm that was kept. People making the film did not know what was going on and the most speechless was the man who stood with that woman.” – Wojtek

“I was so inspired by Drań attitude that until today I cannot believe that I know him. :) He has a wonderful style… You can see and feel that he has been working on it many years because you do not get such ease of manner and straightforwardness easily. :) I have never been so brave to do such things with women.” – Mariusz

“During one evening two times in a short period of time, because it was a few hours. Drań picked up in the club two women to have sex on the beach – huge respect” – Darek



  •     www.dranuwodzenie.pl – His main website with with full descriptions of his adventures with women.
  •     www.kompletnaprzemiana.pl – The co-founder of ‘Complete Transformation’ project – the most prestigious and intensive bootcamp in Poland.


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