Dating polish girl: 6 must know for sex on the first date

Dating polish girl: 6 must know for sex on the first date

“..because life is too short to wait until second date” :) – That’s how I started seminar few months ago about going out on dates and having sex very very early, even on a first or a second date.

Lots of people think that sex on a first date will never lead to relationship or it means that girl was slutty. That’s nonsense. From years of experience I have noticed that best relationships start from deep sexual connection. That connection creates ‘sparkle’ which lovers feel for a long time, every morning they wake up. In other case, there is just friendship, holding hands and cheek kissing.
I will extend this concept in some other article.

In 95% of cases, sex with polish girl appears on third to fifth date. For many guys that’s allright, but why not to save some time and have it ealier?

6 steps that will help you going to bed with polish girl much ealier than normally

1.Place of date
I am always saying that logistics is one of the most important things in seduction. I had lots of situations with one or two girls ready for sex with me, but if my logistics sucked – it was complicating the situation, and for somebody who doesn’t have experience – it means end.

Even for the first date I am always doing everything to meet her at my home. If it’s not possible, place where you both will meet has to be as much similar as possible to home (intimacy and privacy).

Crowded bar, open square in city center or shopping center might not be the best solution. In Poland there are lots of cosy and homely locals, where you can feel like in home. My favorite are tearooms – you can find them in every big city. They consist of small rooms with many pillows, where no one is disturbing you.

2.How to sit?
The common mistake that guys are making is sitting at the table in front of a girl. It might be not important but believe me, devil is in the details. Sitting in front of her will make you unable even to touch her, which is one of a key points.

*Great tip: It even matters if most of the people around you are in front of her or behind her back. If she will sit in front of the door – people that are paasing there will disperse her and you won’t even kiss.

3.How to say hallo to polish girl?
Hug her and give kiss in the cheek.  It will not offend her, that’s normal and very nice. You will break the tension and make warm atmosphere.

4.Don’t reveal yourself to quickly
If you will give yourself ‘on a plate’ she will lose all the interest. Almost every girl I am meeting with is always saying: How is it possible, that you know everything about me, and I don’t know practically nothing about you?

That’s the key. To shorten the time of going to bed with her, you need some amount of magic, tension and vibes. By telling totally everything about you, you will kill it. Don’t plan your future, don’t show all your interest.

Ask questions, make her talk, listen to her and stay mysterious!

5.How to talk to her?
Don’t be serious all the time. Avoid formal atmosphere. Tease with her, flirt.
When she feels freedom and fun, she will open herself.
Remember, silence isn’t bad. Don’t try to avoid it. Try to delight it.

You can read more about talking with her in this article (click here).

6. Key to success – physical escalation
One of the most important elements, which is able to speed up whole process two or three times, is physical escalation – touch.

However it doesn’t mean, that from the very beginning you have to play with her ​​hair, kiss her and grab ass. With high probability such attempts would end bad for you. What’s more, many Polish girls are allergic to it and immediately turn they radar on.

Keep in mind that the longer you wait with it, the more difficult it will be to introduce it later. If your first touch will appear after one hour , it will be very unnatural, and she will think ‘what the hell it means’? The sooner you start, the better – even while greeting or your way to the local and not from the moment you sit down.

What kind of touch?
Introduce it step by step. Start with more social: high five her, poke her hip, shoulder, hug her etc. Later start with little more serious, but still based on fun: for example dial the rhythm of music with your fingers on her thigh.  When she will feel comfortable with your touch, and the atmosphere thicken slightly – you can introduce more sexual touch.

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